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Thus the idea of the Big Bang was born and it was predicted in the years since  1940 by George Gamow, Ralph Alpher and Robert Herman as a result of a Big  Bang, that the state of extreme density of matter must lead to a uniform radiation  background.  Each black body emits a characteristic of its temperature radiation.  The universe radiates very homogeneous the 3K radiation, such as Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson discovered. To this end, the Planck's radiation law is sufficient as explanation. 


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winden konnte.

Die Urknall-Theorie ereilt der kosmologische Tod

Albert Einstein in 1905 in his paper "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies"  Maxwell's equations having symmetrized by means of Lorentz transformation  and thus he has hidden the electromotive forces from the consciousness of his  admirers, the modern cosmology began in 1917 when he presented a  homogeneous, isotropic and static model of the cosmos. The matter should be  assumed distributed over great distances to be homogeneous in space. Isotropic  means that the chemical and physical properties of matter are the same in all  directions of the universe. At the time, Einstein established a constant L for the  curvature of space, but later he rejected it again.  By Alexander Friedmann in  1922 was the first relativistic description of a dynamic expanding universe  [Friedmann equations]. His publication, however, was at first hardly noticed.  Calculating reverse his model, there must inevitably be a singular initial point  that one interprets as a point of infinite density and high temperature.
The expansion of the universe was not concluded by Hubble, but by the priest and scientist Georges Lemaître from the  interpretation of redshifts of galaxies spectra as an escape velocity, as early as 1927 . Edwin Hubble published in 1929 that the spectra of different galaxies are not shifted about equally to the red or the blue, but that  there is significantly a lot more red-shifted spectra. In addition, he also discovered a direct proportional relationship between the  redshift and the distance of the observed galaxy, but he did not want to make friends with the idea to interpret the frequency shift as a refugee movement, because there were too many clues that disagreed with this interpretation, as his pupil H.Arp with  galaxies of his "Atlas of Peculiar galaxies"  proved.   The matter density in this model constantly decreases in time due to its  expansion. The space is viewed as a closed system, the necessity for the Secund Law of thermodynamics has to suffer the  freezing death, as it should approach a thermal equilibrium. Outside this universe, God is the creator. Thus, this model proves to  be creationism, only that the creation time against the creationist biological model is brought forward by a few billion years. ... 
A collection of essays by Paul Marmet  
From the Preface
At the end of the 20th Century it was discovered that the intergalactic space is crossed by giant hydrogen clouds. The  importance of this gas for cosmology is presented and demonstrated in several essays, that the cosmological redshift can be  explained better by the effect of hydrogen.  In addition, the deviation of the rotation speed of the galaxies from the law of  gravity can be understood as an influence of the electromotive forces generated by the intergalactic plasma pervading in a  network of  cosmical currents. This discovery means that you can use a plasma model according to Peratt for the evolution of  galaxies on the basis of magnetohydrodynamics. A measure of time can possibly be estimated from the focal length of the  hydrogen supply. How many generations of evolution of galaxies has there been so far, today is still completely unknown.
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