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Einsteins Relativitätstheorie kontra klassische Mechanik


From the Preface

The aim of this book is to show that "conventional wisdom" and  "conventional logic" by classical physics can explain all the observed phenomena are attributed to the theory of relativity. The arbitrary  principles of Einstein's theory are thus unusable. It is very important to recognize the fundamental importance of the  principle of mass and energy conservation. It took thousands of years of development, that scientific thought has finally overcome the  magic of witchcraft. During the 19th Century scientists were  convinced that matter can not be created from nothing. On the other  hand, matter can not be easily destroyed even. It seems that even  Einstein believed that since at the beginning of the 20th Century he is the one, the equation E = mc² introduced, which ultimately means  that the mass and energy conservation.  However, he later developed  the theory of general relativity, which is inconsistent with this  principle. In fact, one finds at Straumann the proposition that the: „ ... general law of conservation of energy and momentum in general relativity does not exist ".
The science of the 20th Century moved backward, as they assumed´again the magical creation of mass or energy from  nowhere,  even if that was hidden in difficult mathematics.  Contrary to what Einstein did, all the demonstrations in this book are compatible with the principle of mass and energy  conservation and momentum conservation. Using classical mechanics, we show that the length contraction is a real physical phenomenon. We review how this leads to the Lorentz equations. Then, we show how classical principles are sufficient to  explain the perihelion of Mercury and derive Einstein's equation. Finally, we show that the presence of intense gravitational  potentials leads to degenerate matter according to Schwarzschild black holes. Einstein's relativity principles are not needed in these demonstrations. The only principles that are used are  the ones that already exist in the classical mechanics. All solutions based on a physical model that matches  with the conventional logic. 
Einstein's theory of relativity is a mathematical model that does not coincide with the physical models that are described in  classical mechanics, as it is not in conformity with the principle of mass-energy conservation. This is a well known fact. ... 
The physical world view  between reality and surrealism