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The physical world view  between reality and surrealism
Physics is the movement of real objects by means of energy. Mathematics is the motion of virtual objects by means of formulas.  (In German it is used to say formulas for equations.) Magic is the movement of real objects by means of magic formulas  (spells). If one uses mathematics in physics, one is forming physical realities in a computer or in the head of the observer. The  other hand, magic is trying to convince people, a few people could move objects by the force of their will. Although the latter  sentence completely contradicts  the experience, practising magic is for people from a great fascination.  This fascination was  operated by a flow of philosophy started from Berkeley to Schopenhauer ("The World as Will and Imagination").  
J. K. Rowling's invented in their famous children's book series about the Magican’s pupil Harry Potter, the platform nine  three-quarters at the King’s Cross Railway Station in London. You just have to walk courageously on platform nine against the  wall, to get from the real world into the fictional world of magicians.   In the world of science would also be desirable a clean separation through a wall, for example, between physics and  metaphysics. Unfortunately, the walls have been torn down in the last century and so the boundaries are difficult to detect  even. It is not the aim of closing the boundaries, but they have to be put back to mind in order to distinguish between fiction  and reality. Nothing is worse than losing the orientation.   For this purpose, we want to use tools from philosophy. The term metaphysics, which means  behind the physics, is from  Aristotle and refers to the order of his treatise and means the things of the spirit and what happens to it. To put it bluntly, we  can say, metaphysics is everything what  arises the human imagination, without that it would have found a correspondence in  reality. This includes unproven scientific theories such as the Standard Model of Cosmology.    Here it is no dialogue possible with the leading astrophysicists about the contradictions in their Standard Model, because they  refuse every dialogue despite many attempts by different people on different occasions. Who is so arrogant to try to fathom the  will of God, like St. Hawking formulated in his book A Brief History of Time, can surely perform no technical discussion with  Muggles - peoples without magical blood - although these high research objectives are financed by taxes of these people to  benefit society and not serve the private enjoyment.   So there are in opposition to each other astrophysicists and engineers. The engineers currently belong in this game to the  Muggles, because they make the solid work that can be controlled even while the astrophysics with their statements are  increasingly moving away from verifiable facts.  Since the beginning of the space age as many results have been compiled, the  theses of astrophysicists are no longer tenable now. The Mugglebibliothek has set itself the target to carry together facts about  space and to reinterpret them.  There are two sections: The first section deals with the criticism of established theories, on whose basis is constructed the standard model of cosmology.  There are fathomed its philosophical roots and revealed their surreal essence, the overvaluation of gravitation towards the electrical forces is worked out in the cosmos. You will find a number of free down loadable e- books. The second section attend to the plasma state, the part that is responsible for the light in the cosmos and was completely ignored in the Standard Model. In particular, in the category Space News under the Electric Universe  shows how successful are the explanations of cosmic phenomena on the basis of electromagnetic plasma discharges. This section only exists in German. For further information please contact the Thunderbolts project. Such an undertaking can not be the work of one individual. Therefore, the Mugglebibliothek is the result of work of many  volunteers who could no longer bear the narrowness of an institutional research elite. To take effect far beyond national  narrowness, the name composed of a German and an English word is program too. The key messages are given in both  languages. So even a fruitful cooperation with the Thunderbolts arose, who knew how to lead global dissident activities  together. Success was then also. Meanwhile annually already thousands of readers from around the world, visited the  Mugglebibliothek. It arose thereabout discussion blogs and on Facebook there is the open group Physik und Astronomie at  which any interested party can participate in open discussion.   According to their concept the Mugglebibliothek is not complete, but is continually developing, thus appearing updates at  irregular intervals. It is written for a generation that grew up with Harry Potter and  perhaps will be able to overcome the faith  of their fathers to more Enlightenment.  
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