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an analysis of the established world of physics

The cosmos supposedly expands  since the Big Bang. However, space  and time are ordering relations in the  imagination of man. In the real world  exist moves by mass. From energetic  considerations follow that these  masses never be able to move with a  speed, resulting from the redshifts of  the spectral lines of galaxies, if they  are interpreted as a Doppler effect.  Further from the spectra of galaxies  follows that the electric forces have a  dominant meaning, which denies the  relativistic cosmology.   Update 
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Mathias Hüfner About Magician E=mc² and the Cosmos or return to Classical Physics
Behind closed doors, criticism of  Einstein's theory of relativity is  practised over and over again, without  any well-known theorists would  comment on the causes of the  problem. Here is made an analysis of  the text  and comments and notes are  inserted. There are worked out the  differences between reality and  illustration, as well as space and  surface, and what these terms have to  do with physics. Then, the theory  appears in a new light and suddenly  the reader can classify the text right.
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Die Urknall-Theorie ereilt der kosmologischeTod
Paul Marmet
Albert Einstein
Relativity: The Special And  Common Theorie
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Those who believe that religion and  science are to be reconciled, will find  that the science is crushed in the  embrace of religion. Since the past  quarter century, we know that the  Big Bang theory is an idea that has  absolutely nothing to do with reality.  Nevertheless, it is widely used in  public with missionary fervour.  Reading these essays should open the  eyes of any scientifically interested   reader for the cosmic reality. 
The physical world view  between reality and surrealism
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