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an analysis of the established world of physics

This is the most significant work of  the philosopher Kant.  23years after  its release the Vatican had  set it on  the Index of Forbidden Books. It deals  with the thinking functions such as  formal logic and anticipates elements  of set theory when describing them  with the contemporary familiar terms.  Here, Kant shows that thinking  without concrete content (phenomena)  is worthless. Since he can not describe God as a phenomenon, he can't  acknowledge his existence. In  addition, the author describes the  typical mistake of formal reasoning.  A I-must-have-read for all lovers of  theoretical physics.  
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Quantum mechanics applies with  respect to their practical success as  one of the most secure physical  theories at all. Nevertheless, with  their physical interpretation still has  a hard time today. The reason may be  that this theory in contrast to the  theory of relativity does not declare  principles, but "only" mathematically  modeled physical phenomena.  It is even claimed that this theory  isn't a realistic theory. In the book,  the two main paradox of their history  are treated, which are the expression  of a misunderstood theory.  
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Is the world as surreal as the modern  physics would have us believe and do  you need the theory of relativity for  their explanation? P. Marmet shows,  that taking into account the conser-  vation law of mass and energy and the  fact that the atom isn't a rigid structure,  all of the effects explained by the  theory of relativity, can explain with  normal mechanical processes.
Immanuel Kant  Critique of Pure Reason (1787)
Paul Marmet Philosopische Verirrungen in der Quantenmechanik des 20. Jahrhunderts
Paul Marmet Einsteins Relativitätstheorie kontra Klassische Mechanik
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The physical world view  between reality and surrealism
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